Using SysEx:

If you want to save and import voices more commonly known as patches then the easiest way is with the SysEx feature of your synth. You can still use the tape interface for backup but that's on you, here at this site we are only concerned with the SysEx function. That being said it's time to learn how to import hundreds of new sounds quickly and easily into your 4OP synth!

What you will need to utilize SysEx:

  1. A MIDI connection from your PC to your synth. On older PC's this is done with a soundcard featuring a gameport and a 3rd party gameport to MIDI cable. The cable has on one side a gameport connection and on the other side two MIDI connections (MIDI in/MIDI out). Newer PC's with modern sound cards lacking the old gameport will need a MIDI interface which are available at most music retailers such as Guitar Center. Many modern interfaces come with bundled software such as lite versions of Cubase, Sonar, etc that can usually handle your MIDI needs as well, a la a SysEx "librarian" (explained further down).
  2. Software to handle MIDI System Exclusive transfers, it will be referred to as a "librarian" from here on. For a librarian solution see the software page found here. 4OP H.Q. highly recommends Unisynth for DX21, DX27, DX100, DX11 & TX81Z users.

How to transfer SysEx data (patches / voices):

  1. With power off to both your PC and synth connect the MIDI in & out to both devices. Once connected power both on.
  2. Download a zipped Sysex files from our patch laibrary.
  3. Unzip (unpack/decompress) the files onto your PC.
  4. Launch your librarian program.
  5. Performing a "Bulk Dump". Select the function "SYS INFO". If it displays "Sys.Info:off" set it to "on" using the "ON/YES" data entry button. Pressing the function "SYS INFO" again will cause a message reading: "Midi Transmit?". Press the data entry button "ON/YES" to send "Bulk Dump". That data should now be in your librarian. Use the librarian to save that data so you can reload it later if so desired. To use your librarian refer to it's documentation i.e. it's "HELP" file.
  6. It is recommended your first use of the librarian be the backup of your RAM (voices you've programmed & bank arrangements) currently on your DX. Otherwise it will be lost if and when you load different SysEx files. Backing up your data is not necessary if the RAM voices are only copies of the internal ROM voices.
  7. Loading Sysex files. Set the function "MEMORY PROTECT" to "OFF".
  8. In your librarian select a .syx file you have loaded and send it to your DX. Read your librarians documentation if your need assistance in loading files.
  9. Try the new voices. Repeat as desired.
  10. Use your librarian to save single voices. Later compile the "singles" in to a custom bank arrangement of your own.