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Update April 5, 2015
New hardware for TX81z and DX11. Introducing the "X81pg", from Marcelo Malmierca. Look for it it on EBAY, we'll keep you a ll posted on any new developments.

Update March 6, 2015
We have migrated the site to our new permanent home here as a part of the nuxmicromedia.com family. Please if anybody finds any bugs with the new move let us know by using our Facebook page or use the Cbox messenger in the right menu. We'd also like to urge all 4OPHQ patrons to join the Facebook group FM Synthesis to help grow and strengthen the resources of the FM Synthesizer based community, the admin there, Mariano Mart is a really great friend of the FM synth scene. 2015 is going to shape up to be a great year for FM synthesis! :D

Update Jan 9, 2013
News from "Unisynth" by MidiMetric. The new release of Unisynth version 1.4 has been released and is available for download. Several critical issues have been updated and fixed. Visit MidiMetric for all the features and details. Please remember MidiMetric is an indie developer working very hard to provide a quality product for our 4OP community. They ask that all Unisynth users, even non-licensed users please report any bugs with Unisynth to them directly, you can contact them by following the links to their page (please help support by considering the purchase a valid license).

4OP H.Q. is the ultimate site for YAMAHA 4 operator FM synthesizer users. To get started choose a link from the menu at the right or select a model from the list above. We are working hard to provide as much information, files, etc as possible for every model. This site greatly depends upon the 4OP community to keep it growing with content. If you have any info, files, patches etc and would like to contribute please contact us through our facebook page thank you.

To those of you who have contributed a huge thank you.